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Last updated: Thu Aug 17 19:01:34 EDT 2017

Up - Up
Possibly down - Possibly down
Very down - Very down
Path down - Path dependency failed (could not reach it due to other failure)

AddressStatus Notes
AmprnetUpLinkSys router
PiUpRaspberry Pi
LocalUpLocal Amprnet Host
Local 44-Net sites:
uronodeUpUNIVLE:N1URO-5} URONode system
flexnetUpN1URO 1-4 pc/FlexNet digi
mfnosUpMFNOS:N1URO-14} MFNOS Node
jnosUpJNSURO:N1URO-7} JNOS 2.0K for link/bbs testing.
xnetUpX-URO:N1URO-3} linuXnet 1.39
fedoraUpFEDORA:N1URO-12} URONode .RPM build
asteriskUpAsterisk Server
ftp:21Upftp file Server
fbb:24UpBBSURO:N1URO-4} F6FBB Server
mail:25Upemail server services
www:80UpApache Web Server
pop3:110Uppop3 email server
swww:443UpApache SSL Web Server
conv:3600UpHTPPU Convers Server
uronode:nodeUpURONode Server
spider:9001UpDXURO DX Spider Cluster
Remote HAM sites in order of IP address
ai6eeUpEEND URONode in Novato, Ca
wa7vUpALWHUB URONode in Walla Walla, WA
aa6hfUpUROSCA URONode in Cathedral City, CA
wo2iVery downSEAWSH URONode in Seattle, WA (via UK)
na7krUpKRHUB URONode in Independance, OR
n1xtbUpXTBNOD URONode in Middleborough, MA
n9lyaUpN9LYA URONode in Mitchell, IN
w9bbsUpW9BBS MSYS in Mitchell, IN
w9junUpW9JUN URONode in Jefferson, IN
kc9ddpUpKC9DDP URONode in Mitchell, IN
k9uyUpK9UY URONode in Mitchell, IN
k3mmbUpK3MMB URONode in Frederick, MD
kb3uqeUpKB3UQE URONode in Edgewood, MD
wb2onaUpIPCNJ URONode in New Brunswick, NJ
n2kgcUpN2KGC URONode in Cooperstown, NY
w2rgiUpW2RGI URONode in Oneonta, NY
n1uro:nodeUpRSBYPI URONode in Unionville, CT
k1yonUpK1YON URONode in East Hartland, CT
w1edhUpW1EDH URONode in Glastonbury, CT
w4mlbUpMELBRN URONode in Melbourne, Fl
w4otUpVEROBH URONode in Vero Beach, Fl
gw.k4gbbUpK4GBB Gateway in Florida
n1dotVery downN1DOT URONode in Maine
mb7njdUpMB7NJD URONode in the United Kingdom
g7icdUpG7ICD URONode in the United Kingdom
g4mkiUpHERON URONode in Herne Bay, Kent, United Kingdom
gb7jfpVery downSTAINS URONode in Staines, UK
m6ortUpORTNOD URONode in London, UK
gb7cowUpHART URONode in N. Devon, UK
g7oahUpBICTON URONode in Cornwall, UK
gb7cip:3695UpGB7CIP URONode in the UK
iw2ohxVery downIW2OHX URONode in Italy (HAMNET)
ve1jotUpNS105 URONode in Nova Scotia
ve2pktVery downPKTNOD URONode in Quebec
ve3clgVery downCLGNOD URONode in Corunna, Ontario, Canada
ve3cggUpWNSOR URONode in Windsor, Canada
ve3mchUpY-Hams URONode in Canada
ve3cgrUpNODCGR URONode in Aurora, Ontario, Canada
va3balUpBALNOD URONode in Ballantrae, Ontario CA
ve3musUpMUS URONode in Haliburton, Ontario, CA
zl2aqyUpAKNODE URONode in Auckland, New Zealand
sv1uyUpATHNET URONode in Athens, Greece
sv1dziUpDZINOD URONode in Attica Cty, Greece
sv1dzi:nodeUpPIREUS URONode in Pireus, Greece
sp2lUp2LHUB URONode in Gdynia, Poland
ok2kojUpKOJNOD URONode in Brno, Czech Republic
ok2penUpSJCCTY URONode in Brasil
yo2lojUpTMNODE URONode in Romania
Remote MARS sites
afa1sxUpMLB URONode in Melbourne, Fl
afa1cmUpCTPLVL URONode in Plainville, CT
afa1pfUpCTEHFD URONode in East Hartford, CT